Way To Financial Freedom

Most of the people in the world are on treadmill – they earn and spend; earn more and spend more and the cycle continues. They work for money throughout their lives but rarely pay attention to “how can money work for them and make them financially free”. There is a significant ignorance about money. Do you think:

  • Money is one of the most critical drivers of happiness in life.

  • Schools/Colleges teach you how to make money, they don’t teach you ‘how money can make money for you’.

  • Subject of ‘Financial Freedom’ is nowhere taught. It is only learnt by seekers.

  • ‘Financial wisdom’ is way to multiplying your net-worth and creating a life of dreams by design.

Financial Freedom is everyone’s birth right. There is no doubt that each one of us can become ‘Financially Free’ if simple process, as explained in this program, is learnt and put to the implementation. We have put the “Financial Wisdom” of several years together to show you the path to the ‘Financial Freedom’ in this simple program.

Mode of delivery

Online Live program with presentations, videos, self-assessment excel templates, answer to your specific questions.

Dates of program


To make the program accessible to larger set of people, we have priced the program at very nominal price of Rs. 999 plus GST per family (one login).

Register and make the payment - https://imjo.in/BfAThM

Money Back Guarantee

If you think, you have not got the value for your money through the program, we would return your money. Period!

About program director

Mr. Manish Bansal. He is a distinguished entrepreneur, author, investor and investment banker with around 25 year experience in the field of finance. You may refer to his profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/manish-bansal-bb711117/

Contact details

For your queries, please reach out to us : Sheetal at sheetal@xceleratingminds.com ; +91 98924 86751 or Alvira at +91 91677 56348