Executive Mentoring and Coaching

Coaching and mentoring are globally accepted as development techniques based on one-to-one discussions between coach/mentor and mentee. Prime objective of coaching/mentoring is to make significant transitions in thinking and working style of individuals to impact their performance positively. Coaching/mentoring is expected to deliver following:

  • Better individuals
    • Help mentee re-wire mind to be strategic in thought process and approach

    • Help mentee refocus on what is relevant and truly important

    • Help mentee think and bring change in his/ her perceptions, believes and assumptions

    • Help mentee analyze and bring change in his way to deal with people and situations

    • Help mentee remove unwanted fears through knowledge and wisdom

  • Cohesive teams for effective and efficient delivery
    • Better individuals create better work environment resulting in better efficiency and effectiveness at organizations

  • Improved profitability through enhanced productivity
    • Better individuals and better teams mean better productivity resulting in better profitability for organizations

In India, executive coaching/mentoring is quite a new concept. While initiation on the subject is seen in some businesses, seriousness and commitment to the purpose is still at nascent stage. We truly believe that scenario will change gradually as more and more people/organizations realize the benefits of coaching/ mentoring.

Pre-requisites for mentees

Mentoring/Coaching means taking pose to analyze:

  • Your own thought process

  • Allocation of your most important resource – Time

  • Your behavior with people and situations

  • Your assumptions, believes and perceptions

Accordingly, Coaching/Mentoring demands:

  • Commitment to change

  • Openness and ability to accept different perspective/point of view

  • Determination, discipline, Patience and Perseverance

Qualities of our coaches/mentors

Coaches have to be behavioral scientists with capability to understand people and situation.They must have ability to ask relevant questions to help mentees stretch their thought process without being threatened. Their heart must beat to see their mentees going beyond their own initial believes and create long term sustainable values.

Accordingly, we have carefully chosen a pool of coaches/mentors with substantial relevant experience and/or relevant qualifications/certifications to spark change in your organization. Religion of these coaches/mentors is to facilitate change at people level to make individuals and organizations better.

Our Approach

Coaching can be approached:

  • Individually in one-to-one format, or

  • In Groups/Teams

We can also equip internal leadership team to create coaching/mentoring culture in the organization and coach/mentor juniors for sustainable long term growth.