Bootcamp – Research Analyst Program

Whatever you want to become in the life - an entrepreneur, a fund manager, an investment advisor, an investment banker, a banker, a M&A specialist, it is critical for you to understand fundamentals of business (Qualitative and quantitative/financial aspects of business). Indeed, if you are not able to understand a business with clarity, you may not be able to succeed either in business world or in financial world at all.

Ironically, only a very small lot of students get the opportunity to work with Institutions on equity/business research. To democratize this opportunity or take this equity/business research opportunity to the masses, we have designed a special program, which is a blend of online training and hands on research on a company.

This course opens opportunities for the participants in following areas:

  • Fund Management :

    Portfolio Management, Mutual Funds, Private Equity, Venture Capital.

  • Research :

    Fundamental Analysis, Business Valuation, Equity and Bond Valuations.

  • Investment Advisory :

    Relationship management, Investment Advisory, Distribution of various financial products.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions :

    M&A specialist, Business Valuation, Equity and Enterprise Valuation.

  • Entrepreneurship :

    You may like to start your own business, post the bootcamp program.

Bootcamp Program is structured in following manner:

  • Self-study – We will provide material for self-study by the students. Study Material to include topics such as fundamental analysis, qualitative and quantitative research, industry research, business model research, valuation models etc.

  • Webinars to answer the questions - We would conduct webinars on periodical basis to address the questions of the students.

  • Online training modules – If there is a batch of 20+ students, we will conduct special online training sessions in addition to providing self-study material.

  • Company research report format/Module – We will provide research report format along with the list of places - where to look for information/data (research sources). Students will be expected to carry out research on their own.

  • Research type – Secondary research viz. research based on inputs from the information in the public domain. However, students are encouraged to interact with other research analysts, credit analysts and company/competitors to understand the business better.

  • Allocation of a company for research and submission of company report – Based on learnings during the training session, students need to prepare a research report on a chosen company and submit the same to us in online mode. Students can take a company of their choice or we can allocate a company to them.

  • Feedback on the research report – Our faculty to review the report in detail and provide the feedback to the students.

  • Resubmission of the research report – Students to work on the report again in the light of the feedback and resubmit the same.

  • Award of bootcamp certificate – On successful completion of the research report, bootcamp certificate to be awarded to the students.

Instructor may also advise students to refer to some presentations, videos, reference material on the subject etc.

Students can also take NISM research analyst certification exam post this program. They need to reach out to NISM on their own or our team will be able to facilitate the access to NISM team. Fee for the NISM team is to be paid out by the students to NISM directly, if they choose to do the same.

Pricing of the program, all inclusive, is Rs. 5,000 plus GST payable at the time of registration.

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For your queries, please reach out to us :

Sheetal at ; +91 98924 86751