Specialized short-term Programmes

Business Environment is becoming increasingly competitive. Candidates compete for limited opportunities in job markets. Companies like to hire people, who have functional knowledge of their desired area of operation. Therefore, it becomes very important for you to equip yourself with specialized knowledge in the areas of your interest in addition to the general Management or Post Graduation.

Learning is an act of acquiring new or modifying/reinforcing existing knowledge that may happen on/during job for many people, who choose areas like Business Development, Human Resource Managementand Operations, but not in case of Finance.In Finance, it is essential to have prior knowledge of Fundamental Concepts to be able to absorb on job. For instance, if you do not know what Equity or Debt or Derivatives are, then youmight face difficulties in on-the-job learning at your work place. Therefore, to support knowledge on specialized subjects, we have put together several certificate programmes for Management and Post Graduate students. These programmes aim at providing hands on practical knowledge on various subjects by practitioners in a fun loving manner to enhance job securing capabilities for the students.

While below is the list of some indicative programmes, we would be happy to co-design specialized programmes with your school to truly make an impact:

  • Comprehensive progrmame on Financial Markets

  • Introduction to Derivatives

  • Advance programme on Derivatives

  • Financial Modelling for Decision Making

  • Behavioral Finance and Value Investing

  • Workshop on Business Valuation and Investments

  • Connecting the dots of Macro Economics

  • Practical Aspects of Fundamental Analysis

  • Way to Financial Freedom