Investor Awareness Programmes (IAPs)

Most of the executives in the corporate world are on a treadmill – they earn and spend; earn more and spend more and the cycle continues. Though, they may have different dreams, they find it difficult to get down from the treadmill, given the compulsions of earning money. They work for money throughout their lives but rarely pay attention to the subject “how can money work for them and make them financially free”. There is a significant ignorance about money. Let us ask the following questions on money:

  • How many of us are meticulous about money and plan our financial objectives clearly?

  • How many of us have clear sense on savings, investing, building wealth to become financially free?

  • How many of us confuse liabilities like cars as assets (car depreciates and consumes cash; Assets gain value and generate income)?

  • How many of us look at Capital Market as a means of building a great wealth?

  • How many of us learn the characteristics of people who become financially free and live a life of their dreams?

It is important to understand that direct earnings will have their own limitations in making you rich. You will also have to cultivate good habits such as savings and investing to generate indirect earnings to become rich. Furthermore, the earlier you start, the better, as magic of compounding will dawn on you faster.

It is also a well-documented fact that Capital Market returns would beat returns from other avenues (Real Estate, Bonds, hard assets such as Gold and Silver etc.) in the long run. However, many people think of Capital Market as speculative ground and shy away. It has to do with bitter or negative experiences of their own or people around them. They do not pay enough attention to discipline and patience, two most critical success drivers in the market.

Various Financial Institutions such as Regulators, Stock Exchanges, Broking Entities, and Mutual Funds etc. have been making consistent efforts to create awareness on Capital Market among investing community through following topics:

  • How have Capital Markets performed over last decades

  • How can Capital Market help you build wealth in long run

  • What are the important characteristics of successful investors

  • Important Dos and Do-nots in the market

  • What are the important behaviors to succeed in the market

We have joined hands with some of these Financial Institutions to impart this precious knowledge on Capital Market to the executives at different levels. Accordingly, we aspire to conduct sessions (one session typically for one and a half hours) on “Value Creation through Capital Market” for your team members in lots of 50+ audiences. This session may be conducted as per the convenience of the organization within its premises.This session is free for the corporate as it is supported by our partnering Financial Institutions as part of their initiative on Investor Education.

Why should you consider this?

Financial stress among employees is likely to have an impact on the workplace. Usually stress correlates directly with reduced productivity levels, increased absenteeism and low morale. In short, employee stress impacts your company’s bottom line. Studies have shown that financial stress leads to lower satisfaction with pay, lower commitment levels, higher risk of employee theft, unhealthy coping behaviors that spill over into the workplace and wasted time spent on personal financial issues during work hours. Cambridge Human Resource Group states that a lack of financial education for workers is “the most critical unaddressed workplace issue”. We will attempt to address this issue in a very pragmatic way with real life examples.

Benefits to your Organization

  • Proactively addressing employees’ financial concerns can improve their sense of well-being, transform work environment and improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

  • By providing forum to gain knowledge about personal finance (most critical area for everyone) the Company demonstrates its care for the employees.

  • It serves HR goal of making employees more effective and happier.

  • It all comes with no financial burden on the company.

We would be happy to engage with you on the subject to co-create value among your team members.

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