SME Awareness Programmes

Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange have taken initiative for growth and development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through introduction of SME platforms to facilitate capital raising by SMEs and listing them on Stock Exchange. Banks are focusing on SMEs from lending perspective reaching them out through multiple ways. Private Equity has emerged as an alternative source of growth capital for SMEs. Credit rating has assumed prominent position as a tool for SMEs to demonstrate strength through third party assessment and acquire bargaining power while dealing with banks/ lending Institutions.

While above stated initiatives for SMEs, by multiple Institutions, are great, they need to be effectively communicated to the potential beneficiaries (SMEs) to create value. To facilitate the value creation by these initiatives, we have been conducting SME Awareness Programmes across the country, especially in tier II and III cities, with following themes:

  • How to raise Private Equity Capital from PE/ VC firms

  • How to raise capital from public and get listed at SME platform of Stock Exchanges

  • What do banks look for when they lend to SMEs

  • What do PEs/VCs look for when they invest in SMEs

  • What are “Essentials for SMEs to get to the next level”

  • What are “Essentials for Scaling up Business”

  • What makes SMEs move from “Emerging to Emerged”

We have conducted several SME Awareness programmes along with SME Value Advisors (our SMEs Focused venture – Please visit, Stock Exchange - BSE, Rating Agency - CARE Ratings, and Banks such as IOB etc. These programmes were conducted along with Business/Industry associations such as FICCI, CII, FAPCCI, MICCA, Taloja Industries Association, and Indo American Chambers etc.

Role of various stakeholders involved in SME Awareness Programmes

  • SME Value Advisors

    Content and organizing partner, responsible for putting the event together in terms of logistics and co-ordination with various entities involved.

  • Organizing trade/ industry body

    On ground logistics support and responsibility of getting relevant members to the event.

  • Various participating Institutions

    Speakers to come from these Institutions. Also, these Institutions to support the event financially (sponsor the events).

Value Proposition for stakeholders

  • Organizing industry body

    An initiative to offer an opportunity to its members to interact with several key Institutions together under one roof. Helps Industry body in accomplishing its objective of exposing its members to new developments in the market, network with relevant people/Institutions and grow. All this is available at no cost and in home town. Value creation is always appreciated by members.

  • Sponsoring Institutions

    Ability to access gathering of potential customers in a cluster in one go. May originate business along with building brand.

  • SME Participants

    A great opportunity to meet several important people from various Institutions at one place. Get their doubts cleared, build relationships and leverage on those relationships to improve their business subsequently.

Profile of participants

Each event is envisaged to attract 50-70 SMEs/Emerging corporates. Proprietors, Partners, Directors, Senior Management, Consultants, Practicing CAs, Practicing CSs benefit from these programmes.

Typical programme schedule

These events happen in short capsule format as follows:

  • 2-3 hours events (say 5 to 8 pm followed by Dinner)

  • 2-3 speakers and partnering Institutions with clearly defined themes

  • 50-60 focused and interested participants

  • Conducted on convenient day (Generally on Friday or Saturday)

  • Conducted at convenient location (Industry Association’s hall or at hotel)

If you are an Industry Association and want to conduct an Awareness Programme, we would be happy to engage with you to create value for your members.