Investor Awareness Programmes (IAPs)

When you advance towards the completion of your education, you are likely to enter into the world of income and earnings.You have different dreams, want to scale up heights in corporate world, earn lots of money, aspire for luxuries in life, travel around the world etc. Net-net, you want to become rich.Sure! But, for becoming rich, you would need to think on the subject and take appropriate actions. As to build physical health, you would have to put in efforts; similarly, to build financial wealth, you would need to dedicate yourself to the purpose. It is important to understand that direct earnings will have their own limitations in making you rich. You will also have to cultivate good habits such as savings and investingto generate indirect earnings to become rich. Further, the earlier you start the better as magic of compounding will dawn on you faster.

It is also a well-documented fact that Capital Market returns would beat returns from other avenues (Real Estate, Bonds, hard assets such as Gold and Silver etc.) in the long run. However, many people think of Capital Market as speculative ground and shy away. It has to do with bitter or negative experiences of their own or people around them. They do not pay enough attention to discipline and patience, two most critical success drivers in the market.

Various Financial Institutions such as Regulators, Stock Exchanges, Broking Entities, and Mutual Funds etc. have been making consistent efforts to create awareness on Capital Marketamong investing community through following topics:

  • How have Capital Markets performed over last decades

  • How can Capital Market help you build wealth in long run

  • What are the important characteristics of successful investors

  • Important Dos and Do-nots in the market

  • What are the important behaviors to succeed in the market

We have joined hands with some of these Financial Institutions to impart this precious knowledge on Capital Market to the upcoming earning community. Accordingly, we aspire to conductone session (typically for one and a half hours) on “Value Creation through Capital Market” for your students/teaching staff and other administrative staff. This session is free for the college as it is supported by our partnering Financial Institutions as part of their initiative on InvestorEducation.

We would be happy to engage with you on the subject to co-create value among your students and/or teaching and other staff members.