Mentoring and Coaching for Promoters/Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs face enormous challenges in running and growing a business. Challenges range from building teams, choice on products/services, raising capital, acquiring and retaining customers, handling competition and governance etc. Unfortunately, many Promoters/Entrepreneurs are not able to break the shell of their limited thinking on all these issues; resultantly, companies remain within a specific orbit finding it difficult to get to the next level. In practice, Promoters/Entrepreneurs need to be shaken and questioned to trigger different thought process. For that, they need someone trusted to open up with, share their challenges and ask questions without any hesitation. This need can be fulfilled by motivated and compatible mentors/coaches.

In this context, it is relevant to mention Chankaya. Originally a teacher at the ancient university of Takshashila, Chanakya is widely credited for having played an important role in the establishment of the Maurya Empire through first Mauryan emperor Chandragupta. Chanakya served as the chief coach/mentor/advisor to both Emperors Chandragupta and his son Bindusara. As Coach/ Mentor to Maurya’s, Chankaya always emphasized on independence of coach/mentor.

Adopting and living the philosophy of Chanakya, our team works with promoters/Entrepreneurs of Emerging corporates/SMEs to facilitate their path to growth and glory. Before initiating any engagement, we ensure that promoters are ready to listen from us what is right and truth and not essentially what is good to their ears. We perceive our role to be of a change agent helping promoters/Entrepreneurs rewire their minds, see this world with different lenses and visualize new opportunities.

Coaching/mentoring is aimed at helping promoters/Entrepreneurs:

  • Rewire their minds to be strategic in thought process and approach

  • Refocus on what is relevant and truly important

  • Think and bring change in their perceptions, believes and assumptions

  • Analyze and bring change in their way to deal with people and situations

  • Remove unwanted fears through knowledge and wisdom

  • Trust people, delegate and Build power teams to deliver

  • Connect with various stakeholders (inside and outside the organization) better Objective of these engagements is “Improved profitability through enhanced productivity”.

In India, coaching/mentoring for promoters/ Entrepreneurs is quite a new concept. While initiation on the subject is seen at some emerging corporates/SMEs, seriousness and commitment to the purpose is still at nascent stage. We truly believe that scenario will change gradually as more and more SMEs realize the benefits of coaching/mentoring.

Pre-requisites for mentees

Mentoring/Coaching means taking pose to analyze:

  • Your own thought process

  • Allocation of your most important resource – Time

  • Your behavior with people and situations

  • Your assumptions, believes and perceptions

Accordingly, Coaching/Mentoring demands:

  • Commitment to change

  • Openness and ability to accept different perspective/point of view

  • Determination, Discipline, Patience and Perseverance

Qualities of our coaches/mentors

Coaches have to be behavioral scientists with capability to understand people and situation. They should have ability to ask relevant questions to help mentees stretch their thought process without being threatened. Their heart must beat to see their mentees going beyond their own initial believes and create long term sustainable values.

Accordingly, we have carefully chosen a pool of coaches/mentors with substantial relevant experience and/or relevant qualifications/certifications to spark change in your organization. Religion of these coaches/mentors is to facilitate change at people level to make individuals and organizations better.

Our Approach

Coaching can be approached:

  • Individually in one-to-one format, or

  • In Groups/Teams with promoters/Entrepreneurs jointly going through the process.